Fair Food

Fair Food

Fair Food is Auckland’s first food rescue operation and Farro is a proud supporter of its services. Fair Food believes in feeding people and not landfills. 

The operation rescues surplus, abundant, fresh edible food and redistributes it to people in need through a network of approximately 50 trusted community agencies. Fair Food is both tackling the issue of surplus, wasted, food as well as addressing poverty in a very real, direct way.

Each year they collect 86,000 kilograms of food – fruit, vegetables, bread – from retail stores and producers including Farro Fresh. This is equivalent to 248,000 meals a year!

Farro’s drive to reduce our landfill waste has meant a massive change in how we look at our waste, through from composting to rendering and separation of soft plastics from other recycling. Farro Fresh has reduced what we have sent to landfill in the past 18 months by 80 percent.

Our work with Fair Food has been key to redistributing fruit and vegetables, in particular, to assist in feeding large numbers. The service positively affects the lives of 2500 people directly every week – real people, in our communities, who desperately need our help. Presently, there is more food coming in than Fair Food can handle, so the priority is raising funds to assist them to purchase more vehicles and petrol to run them.

As a volunteer-based organisation, funds are not needed so much for paying wages to an administration team, but go to meeting real needs, thereby helping more and more people. Help us get food to those who desperately need it, by supporting Fair Food. Your support will help them grow their infrastructure so they can handle the food being donated and distribute that to even more people. Find our more about Fair Food.