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2020 Food trend Forecast

 2020 Food trend Forecast

From taste-great feel-good drinks to flavours from Africa’s west coast, the Farro forecast is looking bright. Here are five trends to look for:

DRINK WELL: Wellbeing drinks are designed to have positive effects on mind and body, and a lighter impact on the environment. Expect to see a proliferation of organic ingredients, antioxidants, natural brewing methods and interesting flavours. From switchels, sparkling teas, tonics, boozy kombuchas, and spirit-free drinks, there’s something for everyone.

BLENDED FAMILY: Can’t or won’t eat peanuts? No problem. From chickpea butter to macadamia butter, the variety in creamy vegan spreads made from nuts and seeds continues to grow. Explore to find your favourite toast-toppers.

FLOUR FLOWERS: Over the past several years we’ve been introduced to flours made from almond, buckwheat, brown rice, and even crickets, and in 2020 the scope will widen, with things like banana flour, cauliflower flour and other vegetable flours appearing.

CURES FROM THE SEA: Like its meaty cousin charcuterie, seacuterie is all about an artisinal approach to curing seafood. Think pickling, fermenting, smoking, and ageing, to present all sorts of seafood in flavoursome and interesting formats.

GLOBAL FLAVOURS: We haven’t yet seen a lot of African flavours in New Zealand up to this point, but this could be the year that changes, with West African cuisine on the global rise. Its repertoire stars flavoursome ingredients like peanut, lemongrass, ginger, and Scotch bonnet chillies, and the staples teff, sorghum, and plantain