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If you’re looking for a little bit of a change to your favourite brew, to help you wake up in the morning, our friends at our three favourite local coffee companies have 3 new limited blends you must try.

Kokako Organic 

Bukonzo Joint

Region: Uganda

There is a very special story behind the latest blend from Kokako organic.

In August 2016, Kokako were approached by Dr Jackie Smalldridge, a New Zealand Gynaecologist who volunteers with a medical team in Uganda performing life-changing surgeries supported by Medical Aid Abroad. Just down the road from the hospital where she works in Uganda is the Bukonzo Joint Coffee Co-op. It’s a cooperative union whose members — 83% of which are women — currently operate 5,500+ small farms in the Rwenzori Mountains region of western Uganda.

On her last trip, Jackie brought back 7kg of their coffee and shared it with the team at Kokako. Although the coffee was a few weeks old and was roasted dark at origin we knew it had potential. We roasted it to a new roast profile and popped it on the cupping table. With flavours of blackcurrant and allspice, a bright lime zest acidity, buttery body and a umami finish we knew this coffee was going to please.

They’ve now packaged this single-origin coffee for Farro coffee lovers to enjoy, beautifully we might add too.

The great part of this story is that it not only looks and tastes good, it does good too. Kokako wanted to support future trips to the region, so for every 200g retail pack you buy they’re donating $1.00 to Medical Aid Abroad. This non- profit voluntary organisation will use the money raised to fund future trips to support the fistula project at the hospital in Kagando. The association also assists health work in other developing countries through supplying surplus medical supplies and equipment & providing backup support where appropriate.

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Guji Natural

Region: Ethiopia

The latest seasonal blend from the team at Allpress, this coffee is sourced from the Guji Zone in Oromia, Ethiopia. The coffee cherries are picked when at their ripest and using the natural process, are dried on raised beds with the coffee beans inside the fruit, resulting in an exceptionally clean and sweet cup.


Limited Espresso Blend

Region: Rwanda & Columbia

The new Supreme Limited Espresso blend combines what’s fresh and in season. Expect it to evolve and change as the team at Supreme mix and match new coffees. The first version of our espresso blend combines two contrasting coffees, the Rwandan Inzovu brings fruit flavours and pleasant acidity, with orange and raspberry lollies as sweet notes and the Colombian Finca Buenavista adds syrupy, well-structured body and cocoa flavours. These two washed coffee’s come together to create an exciting, complex coffee whether served black or white.

Have you tired Nitro Cold Brew yet?

Available on tap at our Grey Lynn and new Orakei Bay Village stores, Kokako Nitro Cold Brew is regular Kokako Cold Brew coffee taken to the next level. After making the regular brew, it’s infused with Nitrogen gas, which is released when the liquid is passed through a pressurised valve. This creates a creamy, stout-like effect with increased sweetness and a silky mouthfeel. The perfect beverage to refresh your palate any time of the day!