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4 Ways To Beef Up Your BBQ

4 Ways To Beef Up Your BBQ

It’s time to beef up your BBQ skills with these four well-chosen cuts of meat that will impress your friends and polish your grilling game.

GREENLEA Tri-tip: Shaped like a triangle, this is a lean cut of meat that is big on flavour. Delicious cooked whole on the BBQ and then sliced and served. $20.99/kg

First Light Wagyu Rib Eye Steak: Known as the king of steaks, rib eye has beautiful marbling and is full of flavour. Grass-fed wagyu is nutty, juicy and tender. $20.99/170g

3-4 Rib Standing Roast: For something a little bit fancy, try a standing rib roast – perfect for a celebration long weekend BBQ. Cooked whole on the grill, then sliced for individual servings it will wow your guests. Or for extra brownie points, simmer beef ribs, drain water and marinade for a day before cooking. $39.99/kg

T-Bone Steak: A thick steak that’s quick to cook - best cooked medium rare at a high heat to keep it juicy. $39.99/kg
Farro BBQ Box Turn up the heat with Farro’s new BBQ Box, which includes succulent pork ribs, snazzy sausages, and marinated lamb, to flamin’ hot sauces and rubs.
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