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5 delicious things you haven’t done with hot cross buns

5 delicious things you haven’t done with hot cross buns

Whether they’re fresh, toasted, with lashings of butter or a cheeky smear of jam you really can’t go wrong with a hot cross bun. If it was up to us in the office, we’d be selling them year-round but when you’re on week four of hot cross buns for breakfast and it’s not even April, we’ve started experimenting with what else we can do with these aromatic and lightly spiced buns of goodness. Warning: the results are undeniably delicious.

Bread and butter pudding There always seem to be a few hot cross buns lingering over the Easter break. This bread and butter pudding means no waste and the addition of chocolate will be a huge hit with young and old alike. Serve with a scoop of Kohu Road’s vanilla ice cream for delightful end to any feast over the Easter period. Click here for the recipe.

Ice cream sandwiches – Pure indulgence made in minutes - and the options are endless! Use either chocolate or traditional hot cross buns, lightly toast and sandwich a scoop of your favourite ice cream in between. Make complete with your choice of nut butter or spread, chocolate sauce or sprinkle chopped nuts on tip for the perfect Easter treat.

Hot Cross Butties – A bacon buttie meets hot cross bun. While not a conventional combo, trust us when we say this mix of sweet and savoury makes the ultimate brekky. Simply toast and butter your hot cross bun, cook bacon rashers until crisp (ensure you drain any excess fat off and pile in the bacon) and serve immediately. If you’re feeling extra decadent, drizzle a little maple syrup on top!

French Toast – If you love hot cross buns and love French toast, this one is most definitely for you! Simply whisk together eggs and milk, submerge each half of the hot cross buns and fry in a frying pan (with a little butter). Cook both sides until golden and serve with your favourite toppings 

Hot cross bun bread crumbs! - Oh crumbs, now we’ve done it - Take any left over hot cross buns and blitz them in the food processor with a tablespoon of melted butter. Store in a Tupperware container and sprinkle on anything from fresh fruit and yoghurt, apple crumble or even use for your next roast chicken stuffing.

Stop by and pick up your hot cross buns, we promise we’ll make it you’re most delicious Easter yet. 


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