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5 Hassle-Free Ideas to Impress your Vegetarian Friends this BBQ Season

5 Hassle-Free Ideas to Impress your Vegetarian Friends this BBQ Season

The nationally treasured BBQ season is quickly approaching and there is no reason why your plant-based friends can’t get amongst the action. These mouth-watering ideas are sure to impress your vegetarian friends.

1. Watermelon and Halloumi Kebabs

The natural sugars of the watermelon paired with the salty halloumi is the slice of heaven that is sure to take your barbeque to the next level. Even better, once you throw them on the barbeque the light glaze on the watermelon caramelises nicely on the outside whilst keeping the inside juicy and delicious.

2. Bean Supreme 'Sausage' Sizzle

Sausage Sizzles are a Kiwi classic, and it wouldn't be a Kiwi barbeque without one. Bean Supreme have two different variations of their popular vegetarian sausages made with fresh tofu available at our Farro stores. Pair with some fried onion, fresh bread and a squirt of tomato sauce and we have a winner. For extra brownie points throw in some McClure’s sliced pickles. Bean Supreme Sausages - $9.99/375g (6 sausages)

3. BBQ Grilled Asparagus

There is nothing quite like asparagus spears coated in olive oil and salt. Cook on the barbecue until slightly blackened and wilted and serve on a plate drizzled with fresh lemon juice for another delicious vegetarian addition to your BBQ.

4. Vegetarian Burger with Amino Mantra Burger Patties

You can’t go wrong with the mouth-watering Amino Mantra patties. Carefully crafted with organic ingredients, ready to barbeque and available in five different variations meaning there us something for everyone. Pair with Farro’s brioche or sesame seed burger bun, lettuce and your favourite burger toppings for an irresistible (and healthy) meat-free burger. Amino Mantra Burger Patties - $14.49/ 360g (4 patties)

5. Grilled avocado halves with harissa hummus and tahini yogurt

Avocados are loved by (almost) everyone, but grilled avocado halves will impress any plant-based foodie. You'll need several ripe avocados, halved. Place flesh side down on the barbie. Once grilled, drizzle the avocado halves with your choice of harissa, hummus or yoghurt and serve with a charred lemon slice. This is the taste combo your tastebuds have been searching for! 

Bonus Points: Posh Onion DipNothing says Kiwi summer like a good Kiwi onion dip, with Farro’s posh onion dip recipe you can take this kiwi classic to a game-changing level. Pair with your favourite dipping vegetables or Snackachangi chips for the perfect side-dish for your BBQ. 

Whether you’re a full time vegetarian or a flexitarian with a love your tasteful alternatives, these hassle-free plant-based BBQ ideas are guaranteed to blow your guests away and leave them longing for more amazing alternatives on offer at Farro. For more plant-based inspiration, check out our plant-based inspiration food guide here