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5 Ways to Food Swap

5 Ways to Food Swap

1. Fruit and Vege - Buying what’s in season is always sensible, but even more pertinent now as supply chains may face pressure. Go for recipes that use produce that’s abundant, or if you have your heart set on an unseasonal recipe, think about what alternatives you could use – or pick a different recipe. Lots of produce is interchangeable – you can easily swap spinach for kale, apples for pears, one tropical fruit for another. Perhaps tinned tomatoes will do rather than fresh, and the same goes for frozen beans, corn, capsicum.

2. No rice? Try barley, freekeh, bulgar wheat or quinoa instead.

3. If you’re out of yeast, look for recipes utilising beer, baking soda or yoghurt as a raising agent… or go for a delicious flatbread recipe.

4. In cake or muffin making, milk, coconut milk, yoghurt, cream, sour cream and sometimes juice can all play the same role.

5. Baking supplies are in high demand right now – if you find your pantry out of a certain ingredient,think about possible solutions. If you’ve run out of plain flour, try using a blend of other things – cornflour, wholemeal, ground almonds can all work nicely in biscuits, muffins, fritters, breads and tart or pie shells.

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