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This is one of our secret ingredients in the kitchen, Living Goodness sauerkraut – from sensationalising a salmon dish, to jazzing up a salad, sandwich or soup! There are so many ways to use it.

The great news is they not only taste good, but Living Goodness sauerkraut and fermented foods are amazing for your immune system. Fermenting Foods is an age-old technique of food preservation that combines vegetables with salt to create lactic acid or good bacteria. Our gut health and immune systems are inextricably linked with approximately 70-80% of the immune tissue being located within the digestive system.

Peter and Fiona at Living Goodness pride themselves in making the best quality and tastiest live fermented food. They create their fermented kraut and kimchi in West Auckland – they have a range of flavours that are not only good for your gut, they are fantastic to have in the fridge for so many matches. These are some of our favourites.

1.  Sassy Sauerkraut & Sausages

You can’t beat sausages and sauerkraut as a classic combination. We love a traditional Bratwurst hotdog with mustard and kraut – a Friday night go to that the kids will love too!

2.  Sum Yum Kimchi Burgers 

Spicy Korean Kimchi burgers – burger night never tasted so good! We have a fantastic recipe from our Summer 2016 Feast magazine? But you can add kimchi to any burger combo for a spice Korean flavour, with some QP mayo – a match made in heaven.

Kimchi is also perfect alongside hot House of Dumplings or will complement almost any Asian or Mexican dish.

3.  Heartbeet Kraut & Salmon 

Raw red & green cabbage with beetroot make a perfect match with cooked salmon a classic combination, with a fresh, crunchy and vibrant flavour. This is also a fantastic ingredient to add to a simple salad to add some crunch and tang. Delicious!

4.  Super Superkraut Soup 

If it wasn’t super enough already, this kraut has added kale, seaweed and Himalayan salt to add even more goodness. Try sprinkling this onto an Asian soup to add complexity of flavour and even more goodness.

5.  Quick Draw Slaw Sarnie 

All the ingredients for a simple slaw but with so much more with added ginger, chilli, and garlic. This sets off a chicken, mayo sandwich or is another one that can be added to a nutritious salad.

The full range of Living Goodness sauerkraut and kimchi is available in the fridge at Farro. Give it a try and we guarantee you’ll be adding it as a regular staple.