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5 Wellbeing Drinks to Boost your immune system

5 Wellbeing Drinks to Boost your immune system

Designed to have positive effects on the mind and body, in recent years we have seen a rise in the trend of wellbeing drinks to combat traditional fizzy drinks and fruit juices that are full of sugar. These wellbeing drinks are full of organic ingredients, antioxidants and interesting flavours that pack an array of essential immune system boosting health benefits.

Chia Sisters, Hemp Seed Drink: A Light and Nutty Flavoured Drink That Provides Omega Essential Fats. Not only are hemp seeds full of strength building amino acids, they also contain a balanced amount of omega essential fats. These omega essential fats provide an array of health benefits and our bodies cannot produce them without dietary input. While many people choose fish oil to supplement for these omega essential fats in their diets, hemps seeds are a great alternative, especially for vegetarians. 
Chia Sisters Hemp Range

Aotea Vitality Tonic: Traditional Maori Herbal RemediesLaunched by Tama Toki, Aotea translates to the Maori name for Great Barrier Island. Their flavoursome tonic blends are inspired by his Kuia (Grandmother), who would always have a pot of kūmarahou or kawakawa brewing on the stove during the colder months. Aotea is a whānau-based company, with the ingredients being sourced from Great Barrier island using only real ingredients and not any concentrates or syrups. Health benefits of the natural ingredients used range from soothing digestion with kawakawa, to aiding the reparatory system with kūmarahou clearing mucus from the lungs, to using tea tree as an anti-bacterial to clear the head and sinuses making it the perfect herbal remedy to help boost your immune system. 
Aotea Vitality Immunity Tonic

Redeem Probiotics Soda: Low in Sugar, High in Flavour and Good for your Gut.Using only natural organic ingredients, packed full of probiotic kefir and containing only 1.5% sugar, Redeem Probiotics Sodas are the perfect gut-loving alternative to fizzy drinks. Probiotics when taken in the right dosage can benefit your health immensely, by maintaining a natural balance of good bacteria and reducing the growth of harmful bacteria to aid in regular bowel movements and help support the immune system. Reedem contains kefir probiotics, kefir coming from the Turkish word keyif, which translates to pleasure, referring to the “good feeling” people experience from drinking it.  
Redeem Probiotics Range

Chia Sisters, Chia Seed Drink: Another great source of omega essential fat, chia seeds are full of important immune system building ingredients. The Chia Sisters chia seed drink has more nutrients than any other bottled drink on the market, only using natural ingredients and containing no added sugar. The chia seed drink contains all eight amino acids helping the body make proteins, they also pack more fibre than any other juice helping to regulate blood sugar levels, as well as containing antioxidants that help your body fight damage caused by oxidants created when your body is fighting viruses.   
Chia Sisters CHIA Range


Lemon, Ginger and Turmeric Wellness Shot: If you’re keen to gather the ingredients to make your own wellbeing drink at home, you might want to give this recipe a go! Containing only four key ingredients, antioxidant rich turmeric, nausea reliving ginger, detoxifying and vitamin C rich lemon and topped off with black pepper to boost the turmeric absorption by up to 2,000%, this wellness shot packs a punch of immune system boosting ingredients.