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A Guide to Boosting Flavour in your Dish

A Guide to Boosting Flavour in your Dish

Clever cooks have an arsenal of secret ingredients to amp up flavour, from umami superstars to sweet and sour heroes, these players punch hard and a little goes a long way.

  1. IN GOOD PASTE - Highly concentrated, tomato paste is great in sauces and soups, or whisk with oil, seasonings and herbs to use as a pizza sauce.

  2. FISH POWER - For an umami boost in Mediterranean dishes, anchovies can’t be beaten, and generally you only need half a dozen or so to make a big splash. Try melting several anchovies in olive oil as your frypan heats up as the start to a pasta sauce or a sauce for a stew. Spike steamed greens or potatoes with a few anchovies, or stuff them into slits in the flesh of a leg of lamb to be roasted.

  3. TASTY TRIO - A trio of olives, capers and garlic add a bitter-salty burst: chop them to go into salad dressings, toss through sauces, or sizzle them till golden and dot over steak, fish or pasta (this alone plus a glug of olive oil can make a fabulous pasta).

  4. SPICE IT UP - When used the right way, spices can complete the flavour profile of a dish and mean you don’t need to reach for the salt. Consider what types of cuisines to lean towards and stock your spice drawer accordingly. There are a few multiplayer spices that work well across cuisines: black pepper, paprika, cumin, cinnamon, ginger, chilli flakes, turmeric.

  5. SURE CURE - Cured meats can be stored for a decent amount of time and can be used in small amounts to amplify so many dishes. A little sautéed chorizo or pancetta makes a meal of potatoes, eggs, rice, beans or pasta or can marry with a few inexpensive items to top a pizza.


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