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We are proud to offer the world’s finest premium Alpine King Salmon. Mt Cook Alpine Salmon are raised in the purest alpine waters of the Southern Alps New Zealand.

Alpine Salmon are unique in the world, fit and healthy from constantly swimming in fast flowing glacier fed mineral water, this exercise results in a firm- fleshed texture with a clean and subtle flavour profile that does not suffer from the high degree of fatty marbling associated with farmed Atlantic salmon.  As a result of the unique Alpine location, this also happens to be the highest altitude salmon farm in the whole world!

Only wilderness separates the farm from the mountains, with no agricultural or human run off or pollution. This is the perfect growing environment for King Salmon to thrive!

And to ensure Mt Cook Alpine Salmon is the finest of all salmon, they use a special designed first class feed from the Southern Ocean with non-GMO or antibiotics.

The farm uses environmentally sustainable farming practices and was the first farm in the Southern Hemisphere to be accredited with BAP Certification. The BAP program outlines standards for each type of facility, from hatchery and feed mill to farm and processing plant. The recent addition of new multi-species farm and hatchery standards for finfish and crustacean production opens up the program to a number of new species. Similarly, seafood-processing plants can now be certified to a broader range of species. The Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) standards address environmental and social responsibility, animal welfare, food safety and traceability in a voluntary certification program for aquaculture facilities. BAP certification defines the most important elements of responsible aquaculture and provides quantitative guidelines by which to evaluate adherence to those practices. We feel this is a really important step for seafood farming and shows more transparency for both you and us as a consumers.

Served at top Auckland restaurants – in particular at Clooney Restaurant whose Head Chef – Des Harris joined us for a fantastic evening class recently at our Grey Lynn store – we are very excited to have this incredible salmon on offer right now at our Farro Seafood departments at Farro Grey Lynn and North Shore stores.