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Antipodes Water, Whakatāne

Antipodes Water, Whakatāne

Antipodes Water is something of a familiar friend. It’s been appearing on our dining tables since 2003 after a well-known Auckland restaurateur returned home from living abroad and found it strange that mineral waters from Europe were being served at our best restaurants. 

Simon Woolley, who started waiting tables at Antoine’s in Parnell in 1974 and went on to deliver institutions like The Empire and Metropole, came back to New Zealand after living in New York and Mexico. At the time we were proudly flying the flag of 100% Pure NZ and, to Simon, as long as we were serving waters from Europe and not our own mineral water, we were missing the point.

As many New Zealand small business tales start, a group of mates gathered around a dining table where Simon sold his idea for the then unknown, unnamed water brand. One year and many exhaustive water tastings later, Simon’s vision of water that could be bottled sustainably from a single source, that needed no chemical stabilisers, that could be served in glass and that cleansed the palate without interfering with the flavours of fine wine and food, was found beneath the quiet, unpopulated plains of Whakatāne, Bay of Plenty. Antipodes Water had arrived.

Simon went on to work closely with the newly founded Carbon Zero Certification body to ensure that every bottle produced could be off-set through a rigorous audit programme, resulting in Antipodes becoming the first bottled water in the world to be certified carbon zero. In 2009, Antipodes was acknowledged by the United Nations for taking active and committed steps to minimise the environmental footprint of the company, and that same commitment remains today. 

From 327 metres beneath the Rotoma Range, and after 300 years safely stored in a chamber of ignimbrite rock, Antipodes Water arrives at the surface entirely under its own pressure, pristine and ready to refresh.

Antipodes sparkling water

Antipodes Still Water $5/ 1L

Antipodes Sparkling $3.50/ 500ml

Antipodes Sparkling $5/ 1L