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The brother and sister duo behind Asian Food Republic are Brent Wong and Tania Siladi from Wellington. They would describe their heritage as ‘modern Asian’ with a Chinese born father and a European Kiwi mother, they have spent many years living and breathing their roots through extensive travelling and living in Asia and Europe. They eventually both found their way back to their hometown and had a shared dream to bring together their joint love of modern Asian cuisine and design.

This vision came to life as Dragonfly Asian dining lounge six years ago. It’s now a well-known pan Asian dining spot on the capital’s popular Courtenay Place.

Stemming from this, they realised their was a real demand for simple but beautiful oriental inspired tableware for their restaurant. So began Orient Homeware to service their own needs, but they also found that many diners were keen to take their dinnerware home.

They also found that many people wanted to take their food home too and there just wasn’t availability of pre-prepared Asian cuisine that people could enjoy at home.

“People were always approaching us about how we consistently produce amazing Asian influenced meals, and how they can do it themselves. So we thought, why not bring these flavours straight into households across the country?” says Tania.

So with a range of delicious and diverse foods inspired by their heritage and influenced by years of experience within the hospitality industry, Asian Food Republic was born.

Their Asian Food Republic food range is a tiny taste of some of the classics that have made them so famous. prawn Siu Mai, pork and chive dumplings, and chicken and coriander dumplings – all are handmade and ready simply to take home to eat. Look for Asian Food Republic in the chiller next to the heat-and-eat items for your New Year feast! The range also includes light snacks, with their selection of Asian flavoured nuts and fortune cookies.

Like many of our small artisan producers, being a very hands-on business means you are everything from the accounts team to the cook and courier packer, so every day is a challenge to keep ahead, so we were most happy to make them our producer of the month this February, as a tie-in to the celebrations that go on all over Asia.