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Based on Te Whau Point on Auckland’s Waiheke Island, Azzuro Groves has been the focus of Berni and Kerry Hart’s hard work and love for the past 17 years.

The couple planted their first 300 trees in 2000. They now have more than eight olive groves and 500 trees, growing a Mediterranean mix of Italian, Spanish and Greek varieties. This includes Tuscan cultivars Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino, Spanish cultivar, Picual, and the Greek cultivar Koroneiki.


Their grove sits above Hitapa Bay and benefits from exceptionally rich soil, due to its previous use for sheep grazing. The uniqueness of Waiheke’s terroir, the coastal nature of the groves and the warm temperatures on the island all help to provide excellent fruit flavours and olive oils of exceptional quality.

Kerry and Berni also manage groves for other growers on the island, so act as custodians to more than 2000 trees. You can visit them at Azzuro on the island to taste their beautiful olives and oils, as well as the honey they harvest from their hives, and imported balsamic vinegar. But it is their mill that makes their grove unique. April is harvest time on the island and that’s a very busy time for the Azzuro team.

Azzuro mill all of their own olives on site. They also pick and mill the olives for other Waiheke growers and then filter and bottle their oil to ensure the quality meets international standards.

Over the past five years, Azzuro oils have won a Best in Class, five golds, seven silvers and two bronzes in the Los Angeles, Tokyo, and New York competitions, up against the world’s best.

We are very proud to offer their olive oil on our shelves at Farro.