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Ever since these delicious cordials hit our shelves we have been going back to them again and again! The perfect refresher during summer, and equally as good as the weather chills right off at this time of year. Especially the Ginger and Honey to help ease our scratchy throats!

It all started in 2007 when Mark Dillon brewed his first batch of Aroha Cordial from Elderflowers sourced from the Canterbury Plains. Since then, the Aroha Drinks range has broaden into a handful of cordials and sparkling drinks!

This year Aroha was awarded a Cuisine Magazine Award for their beautiful Wild rose-hip cordial cordial, we love it because of its subtle sweetness which really lends itself to pouring over a warm lemon cake- infusing it with a zesty bite that you can only get with rose-hip . As well as being delicious these cordials are packed with naturally occurring vitamins and don’t use any nasty artificial stuff.

This month we have Aroha’s entire cordial range on special for $12.50 (usually $14.75). And you will be pleased to know that every bottle of cordial makes around 4 ½ litres of drink!