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We are proud to welcome legendary chef Al Brown’s new venture- Best Ugly Bagels into the Farro Family!

Inspired by his time in Montreal Canada, Brown fell in love with their hugely popular style of bagels and wanted to bring this back to New Zealand. After months of prep, including sending his bakers to Canada for specialist bagel training and purpose building a custom bagel oven onsite at his new City works Depot based store.

Montreal style bagels are a distinct variety of handmade bagels, originally brought to North America by Jewish Immigrants from Eastern Europe and differ greatly from the New York style of bagel as they are sweeter, less doughy and more irregularly shaped.

Best Ugly Bagels are handmade- kneaded, and shaped into the deliciously ugly uneven shaped bagels before being rolled in seeds, gently boiled in honey infused water and then baked off in a wood fire oven. The result- A crunchy yet light and chewy bagel that is perfect in all its ugliness!