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Blue Frog “Premium Breakfast products that are worth waking up for”. We spoke to Scotty Baragwanath from Blue Frog Cereal on his product and the vision for the company.

Scotty grew with a clear vision of what he wanted to do and at the age of 5 was given his first fry pan. His love of food led him to study food technology and 20 years later he has been able to apply that love and passion with his skill to launch Blue Frog cereal.

Starting in March 2015, Blue Frog has come in leaps and bounds quite literally to where they are today.

Scotty wanted to create something that was delicious, healthy and not just run of the mill. We have to agree Blue Frog certainly isn’t shy of being a bit left field. Blue Frog breakfast products are made from the most premium, timeless, wholefood ingredients, with no compromise on ingredient quality. Kaipara Kumara was the 2015 NZ Food Awards category winner. It is a grain free, Paleo combo of nuts and seeds paired with locally grown Kaipara Kumara, Canadian maple syrup, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Stolen Lime uses cold pressed lime and lemon oils blended with puffed gluten-free ancient grains and native NZ Tawiri honey. These are just two examples in the range that illustrate the unique stance Scotty took on creating a unique breakfast cereal.

Scotty focuses on wheat free, paleo, gluten free offerings that can be enjoyed by all not just the oat eaters who enjoy muesli. Scotty can guarantee that his cereals have real personality, bold flavours, great texture and nothing artificial at all.  He does it by hand in small batches.

Blue Frog has proven it truly is worth waking up for and certainly gets the day off to a deliciously good start.