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We are to stock the Button Family’s delicious handmade crumpets. Soft, airy and the perfect weekend starter. We have been on the search for a crumpet that won’t break the bank but will deliver on taste.

The Button Family of Christchurch make a traditional yeast honeycomb crumpet and have been since the 70’s.

A story of determination and a shared love of good crumpets started the family business. It all goes back to a clever guy called ‘Mac’ who was said to have made the first square crumpet in Christchurch and sold them to a few very lucky stores locally. By the 1970’s Mac and his three sons and many other family members were all working the crumpet line to produce the volumes needed to sell to local dairies and grocers.
By the 1980 Mac was long retired and the company was sold on to two Brian’s who both kept the crumpet empire running strong under the name of Honeycomb Crumpets. For fifteen years the Honeycomb crumpet was still working hard to deliver fresh crumpets to stores and dairies about that city.

Once again the business was sold, actually three more times, until 2005 when some rather clever kiwi ingenuity revolutionized the baking machines the factory had. The Christchurch earthquake in 2009 destroyed the bakery and all equipment but all was not lost in the story of the perfect crumpet.

Daniel Button feared the world really wasn’t the same without Honeycomb Crumpets. As their biggest fan he set to work on creating Button Family Crumpets. Dedicated to the same great quality and tradition Daniel has worked hard and stayed totally committed to the cause of the crumpet. Perfecting baking techniques and ensuring that the traditional yeast crumpet remains in Christchurch as a statement about the city itself. Like so many amazing stories of producers, we’ve heard from Christchurch who have overcome absolute adversity to carry on we are so pleased to have Button Family traditional yeast honeycomb crumpets in store in our fresh bread section and we welcome them to the Farro family.