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Celebrate Stone Fruit

Celebrate Stone Fruit

At the height of summer, stone fruits are extra-sweet and ready to be devoured. Make the most of fragrant apricots, nectarines, peaches and plums with these storage tips and recipe suggestions.

Choosing your stone fruit
Look for stone fruit skin that has a warm background colour of yellow or deep yellow under a red blush without any spots or bruises. Avoid any green around the stem as that indicates it’s not ready, and older fruit might have a few wrinkles. Gently press against the shoulder of the fruit (near the stem). It should be firm but supple.

Storing your stone fruit
You can refrigerate for 1-2 days. If your fridge is too cold, it will kill the flavour completely. Remove from the fridge before you eat. It tastes much better at room temperature. Air circulation is important. Don’t pile your stone fruit in a small bowl, give them room to breathe. Wash your stone fruit just when you are about to eat it.

Stone fruit recipes New Zealand stone fruits are delicious simply eaten as is when they are perfectly ripe. But there are so many ways to cook them too. Try them roasted, poached or sautéed, baked into pies and crumbles, tossed into salads or made into jams or sauces. You can use halved fruit to top cakes and tarts, or brush with butter, grill on the BBQ, nestle a scoop of mascarpone in the hollow and drizzle with a fruity balsamic.

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