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Citizen: From Bread to Beer

Citizen: From Bread to Beer

When a chef, a brewer, a baker and an innovator collaborate to combat food waste, the end result is some very tasty goodness!

Rescuing unloved surplus foods and re-working them into something special – delicious, low-impact food and drink – is at the heart of Citizen, a new collective set up by a group of passionate foodies.

Ben Bayly, Founder of Ahi and The Grounds Restaurants, Mike Sutherland from Sawmill Brewery, Andrew Fearnside from Wild Wheat, along with food innovator Don Shepherd, have made three fabulous products – a lively Pale Ale, a zesty Pilsner and a Malty Spent-Grain Sourdough – from edible food surplus which has been rescued and re-worked into something delicious.

Ben says they started Citizen to reduce the amount of surplus food going to waste. “We give food a second life in a sustainable way. We’re as serious about tackling food and resource waste as we are about good food and drink.”

Don explains that their first product, beer, is made using surplus bread. Every can of Citizen uses the fermentable starches from bread that would otherwise have gone to waste or low value stock feed. Slice by slice, that quickly adds up. For every Citizen brew made, they rescue 280 loaves of bread.

“It’s not every day you get to create a tasty craft beer and fight food waste in the process,” says Mike Sutherland, co-founder and owner of Sawmill Brewery, who crafts the beer for Citizen using one-quarter less malted barley, saving resources and avoiding emissions.
Mike admits brewing with bread was a challenge. “It’s taken us a few months to create Citizen’s distinct and unique flavour, but we’re delighted with the results!”

Citizen then uses the brew mash to create a high-quality, nutritious, spent-grain flour to bake Citizen breads with the good folk at Wild Wheat. How clever is that!

“We love the concept of using something that would normally go to waste to create
a unique artisan bread. Citizen’s spent-grain flour is rich in protein and fibre, and low in carbs… giving a delicious malty flavour to the sourdough,” says Andrew Fearnside.
There is much happening at Citizen to keep them busy, aside from helping rebuild a broken food system from the ground up! Don explains, “We’re focused on hitting net zero emissions by 2022 and behind the scenes, we’re working on more awesome foods and drinks.”

Take a moment to consider what Citizen have created – a delightful, circular journey of wheat that is grown in a field, harvested, milled, ground, baked into bread, repurposed to brew beer that is in turn used to bake more bread. We can’t wait to see what this delicious revolution will launch next.
Cheers Citizen! 

 Citizen Founders
Founders from left to right: Ben Bayly, Mike Sutherland, Don Shepherd.


Citizen Pale Ale - a lively Pale with big zesty citrus and tropical fruits, backed by a toasty backbone. 5% ABV, $8.99 /440ml.
Citizen Pale Ale

Citizen Pilsner - the ideal session Pilsner. Intense tropical fruit and citrus meets lush, caramel toastiness. 4.6% ABV, $8.99 /440ml. 
Citizen Pilsner

Citizen Malty Spent-Grain Sourdough - the perfect partner for your brew! $8.49 /each.
Wild Wheat Citizen Beer Bread