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We have stocked Clearwater yoghurt for quite some time so it was certainly no surprise to us when they took out an award in 2011. Bryan and Jackie Clearwater run an organic dairy farm in South Canterbury where the beautiful milk goes straight to making the best yoghurt!

Clearwater uses only its pure milk and culture to create a beautiful natural product that is not homogenized so that wonderful cream simply rises to the top naturally.

“Beautifully balanced, proper real yoghurt” was the verdict of the judges, who also found it was not overpowering but subtly sweet with an amazing texture. The addition of the clover honey makes again for a more natural taste than so many overly sweetened and rather artificial offerings on the market.

Clearwater increased there offerings to include a Cream Top Apple and Cinnamon Yoghurt, as well as a “Topless” version (the latter has had the cream taken off the top, making it nearly fat-free).

“Despite the boom in heavily sweetened gourmet yoghurts we are sticking to our guns and providing something totally natural – minimally processed and great tasting dairy produce straight from our farm in Geraldine. We are so proud of what we do – even our cows are glowing with pride.”

Now with clotted cream to add to their repertoire we find it hard to keep up with demand!