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Clevedon Buffalo Co. Oaxaca Cheese

Clevedon Buffalo Co. Oaxaca Cheese

Clevedon Buffalo Co.
Oaxaca Cheese

Clevedon, New Zealand

A Mexican-style string cheese made from ribbons of fresh buffalo milk cheese.

Type of Cheese
Clevedon Buffalo Oaxaca (pronounced wah-hah-cah) is a Mexican-style string cheese, made from ribbons of fresh buffalo milk cheese wound into balls by hand. Nicknamed “the mozzarella of Mexico”, legend has it that Dominican monks originally created the popular cheese when they came to Oaxaca, in southern Mexico. Clevedon Buffalo Co. owners and operators, Richard and Helen Dorresteyn, say their take on Oaxaca cheese was in development for several years. The Oaxaca cheese is natural, free of preservatives and suitable for those who have difficulty digesting cheese made from cow’s milk. While the Oaxaca’s production process is complicated, with the cheese stretched into long ribbons before being rolled up like a ball of wool, the final result is absolutely worth it.

Tasting Notes
Oaxaca cheese pulls apart easily, has a lovely buttery, slightly salty flavour, and is designed to be shredded into strings. Break it at the length you require, and tear from top to bottom by hand, which gives it a shredded look.

Serving Tips
With its superior melting qualities, Oaxaca cheese is great toasted lightly on a grill, or you can include it in salads and sandwiches, or as a side garnish. Delicious in a toasted sandwich with hot smokey chipotle sauce! It is also an essential ingredient for authentic and delicious Mexican dishes including tacos and quesadillas.

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