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Cheese of the week: Coeur de Lion Brie 500g

Cheese of the week: Coeur de Lion Brie 500g

Coeur de Lion
Brie 500g

Normandy, France

A mild soft and creamy cheese made from pasteurised cow’s milk. 

Serving Tips:
Try Brie Coeur de Lion with a crusty multi-grain loaf or a slice of French baguette. For the wine lovers, this cheese matches well with a variety of red wines. Or try something different and enjoy a cider with the brie instead.

Tasting Notes:
Discover the authentic flavours of brie with Brie Coeur de Lion, characterised by its fine and natural white rind, creamy cheese interior and fresh aroma. Typical of a French brie, it has a delicious, full-bodied taste, which become stronger as the cheese ages. At the same time, the interior of the cheese transforms from a chalky to a creamy texture. Magnifique!

About Coeur de Lion:
Coeur de Lion was formed almost 30 years ago in Ducey, Normandy by a dairy cooperative. Their first success was a creamy, rich-tasting camembert which quickly became a favourite amongst the French. Driven by the success of their camembert, Coeur de Lion have gone on to create a range of new cheeses, including this delicious brie. All the milk used to make Brie Coeur de Lion comes from Normandy, and the areas around Vire, Coutances and Ducey. Coeur de Lion carefully designs and produces packaging with the aim of reducing their impact on the environment, while ensuring the quality of its cheeses.