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Crowd-pleasing Classic: The Cheese Barn Organic Camembert

Crowd-pleasing Classic: The Cheese Barn Organic Camembert

The Cheese Barn Organic Camembert

Matatoki, New Zealand

Type of cheese
Creamy and delicate, this award-winning camembert is a crowd-pleasing classic.

Tasting Notes
Made in the traditional French style, with a soft, creamy texture and a delicate, mushroomy flavour. This certified-organic cheese will go temptingly runny in the middle if left to mature.

Serving Suggestions
Camembert is best enjoyed at room temperature for optimal flavour and texture. An essential addition to any cheeseboard, it pairs wonderfully with fruit and nuts. Or, for a show-stopping starter, bake it in the oven and serve with crispy bread and a glass of Mansfield & Marsh Methode Traditionnelle.

About the Cheese
Made from organic whole milk, starters, cultures and salt, The Cheese Barn’s camembert has snapped up numerous medals at the NZ Champions of Cheese Awards over the years. This cheese is slowly matured in a humid environment and ripens from the outside in, becoming softer and runnier with age.