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Crozier's Talking Turkey

Crozier's Talking Turkey

In 1959, Mr Crozier – a 12 year old boy – was told there might be some money in turkeys… and away he went with his lifetime obsession with breeding truly free-range turkeys. A new happier for Crozier’s Turkeys started in 2015, when the small family-run business was taken over by the Smith family: Kyle and Monique along with their young daughters Isla and Ruby.

Kyle has many years’ experience in turkey farm management and now, with his own farm, he is truly in his element farming Crozier’s way. Monique, a hairdresser and beauty therapist by trade, has now taken on the role of office manager. Isla and Ruby love being on the farm and helping Mum and Dad.The girls enjoy collecting the turkey eggs and seeing the baby poults on hatch days. They both like to come down to the farmer’s market on Saturdays to help Mum on the stall.

Crozier’s Turkey’s is the smallest turkey farm in NZ and also the only truly free-range turkey farm. The Smiths breed, grown nd process all their own stock by hand through spring, summer and autumn. They even make their own antibiotic-free feed onsite at the farm. Crozier’s birds are non-intensively farmed and each flock has a 1.2 hectare paddock to roam 100 percent of the time, right from when they leave the brooding sheds at just four to six weeks of age. Otherwise, for animal welfare reasons, the birds would end up spending most of their life Locked in a shed because of cold ant wet weather conditions over the winter months.

Crozier’s Turkey’s only use organic methods for the processing of their birds, no chlorine wash, no nasty chemicals. Crozier’s birds are just 100% turkey! No additives! Crozier’s Turkeys are available in Farro freezers for your mid-winter Christmas feast!