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A dare from a friend led ex-chef Chris Culley on a journey that has spiced up kitchens all over New Zealand. His hot sauces started out life being sold at Farmer’s markets and simply shared with family and friends, and they’re now a household name.

Chris’s enthusiasm for spice began at a young age and his background as a chef has kept his creativity alive for new recipe and chilli sauce ideas. His products are now sold as far afield as Australia and USA. They’ve also won awards at international festivals such as the Cajun Hot Sauce Festival in Louisiana, USA, where Culley’s received second place for their ‘Mexican Chipotle’ hot sauce, as well as ‘Best Label’ for their ‘No.1’ sauce bottle.

At our Farro stores, we supply a range of Chris’s award-winning hot sauces, spice mixes and corn chips.  Whether you’re a fan of spice or looking for a flavour-packed punch for tex-mex dishes, there is something for everyone.

 “I wanted to create a variety of sauces that were not only hot but also flavoursome and something extraordinary”.  Chris Culley

Recently Culley’s Chipotle Hot Sauce won 2019’s world’s best chipotle sauce at the New York hot sauce festival. Culley’s also has a collection of Screaming MiMi awards, Mr Chilli Awards, I Love It Spicy Awards, NZ Artisan awards and more.