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Délice-ious Cheese: Délice de Bourgogne

Délice-ious Cheese: Délice de Bourgogne

Délice de Bourgogne

Burgundy, France

A soft, triple cream cow’s milk cheese with a mould rind.

Type of cheese:
Délice de Bourgogone is made in Burgundy by the family-run Lincet Fromagerie, from a secret recipe that has been passed from father to son. The combination of full-fat cow’s milk with fresh cream gives an incredibly vibrant and full-flavoured soft cheese, with a smooth texture and refined taste that sets it apart from others. It’s a gorgeous, triple cream cheese with a white mould rind and an aroma of mushrooms.

Tasting Notes:
Délice de Bourgogne has a melt-in-the-mouth, smooth texture, with delicate flavours of cream and butter, and a slightly salty, acidic and lactic taste.

Serving Tips:
Délice de Bourgogne is a true crowd-pleaser and works well on a cheese platter, as part of a mixed salad, or as a topping on a crostini.