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Delicious Made Easy - Meet Farro's New Ready to Go Range

Delicious Made Easy - Meet Farro's New Ready to Go Range

Farro Kitchen’s Ready to Go meals can turn even the dreariest Monday evening into a stress-free culinary celebration. The perfect pick up and go option from in-store, or to get delivered to your door at Our chefs have been hard at work developing delicious new-season meals for you to enjoy this winter. Find your new favourite with this handy round-up of our new range:  

Chicken, Truffle and Pistachio Lasagne - $28.99

In store now

In this reimagining of what a lasagne can be, layers of succulent chicken, leek, Grana Padano and Mozzarella melt into rich, truffled mushrooms.  Packed with powerful flavours and topped with fresh pistachios.

For serving suggestions, steamed greens drizzled in olive oil or a fresh garden salad would serve to balance the plate.

Chicken Cacciatore - $29.99

In store now

One of Italy’s all-time great flavour combinations, Chicken Cacciatore is a celebration of rustic, simple and delicious Italian ingredients. Slow cooked chicken on the bone, sharp prosciutto, tangy olives and silky mushrooms come together in a delightful tomato sauce.

We recommend serving with a hearty potato mash and a sprinkling of fresh parsley. 

Chicken Tikka - $22.99

In store now

This is a gorgeous twist on the Indian classic. Delicate spices intertwine with tangy yoghurt and succulent chicken to create an aromatic and flavourful curry.

We would suggest serving with jasmine rice, Rempah roti and a squeeze of lime.

Tex-Mex Lasagne Gluten-Friendly - $29.99

In store now

In this delicious, gluten-friendly meeting of the two cuisines, layers of Mexican beef, black beans and corn are kept in check by soft corn tortillas, instead of the traditional pasta. On top, stretchy Italian mozzarella provides a golden crown.

We suggest a side of guacamole, salsa and fresh lime.

Beef Cheek, Beer and Barley - $27.99

Coming soon

This rich winter warmer is a true delight. Chunks of tender beef cheek marinated in Citizen Pale Ale fall apart into potatoes, silver beet and barley.

We recommend a malty sourdough to mop up the gravy and juices.

Beef Brisket Bourguignon - $29.99

Coming soon

At Farro we love staying true to our Kiwi roots, but there is no denying the French know a thing or two about cooking. This is a delectable French dish with tender beef brisket, marinated in red wine, carrots, mushrooms, leeks and bacon.

We would recommend a buttery mash or a side of rustic bread.

Pulled Lamb Shank Ragu - $24.99

Coming soon

A spin on a true Italian classic, this Ragu provides delightful richness for pulled lamb shank, tomatoes and fresh herbs. All nestled on a bed of perfectly al dente pappardelle.

To serve, a sprinkling of finely grated Parmigiano Reggiano or Grano Padano from our Deli is all you need.