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Dictionary of Pasta

Dictionary of Pasta

There’s more to pasta than good looks – different shapes and textures are cleverly designed to suit specific sauces and cooking methods. Here’s a look at a few you might find in your pantry.

PAPPARDELLE - This long, flat pasta is wider than tagliatelle, with a rough surface allowing hearty ragus to adhere. Fittingly, the name comes from the verb pappare meaning ‘to gobble’. We recommend trying our Pappardelle beef and Lemon Osso Bucco - This set-and-forget meal is a perfect Sunday afternoon number.

FETTUCCINE - This long, flat pasta often carries rich, creamy sauces like alfredo and carbonara. For a simple take, saute streaky bacon, garlic and sliced Cos lettuce (trust us) and toss through hot cooked fettucine with raw egg yolks and black pepper. Alternatively, try Janene's recipe for Lemon Fettuccine with Chicken and Courgette-  If you love lemon this dish is for you. The star of the dish is the Filotea Fettuccine al Limone pasta from Italy, it’s so fine and takes hardly any cooking time. The grated zucchini is a great base for the dish and helps to add a lovely creamy texture.

PACCHERI - These large tubes come from Campania where you’ll find them cosying up to Neopolitan ground-beef ragu, or stuffed (try sauteed broccoli and ricotta) and baked until golden.

TAGLIATELLE - Long, thin ribbons dried either in single strands or tangled nests. It’s the traditional pasta with a Bolognese.

STROZZAPRETI - Literally translating as ‘priest-chokers’, this elongated hand-rolled pasta is popular throughout Central Italy. It loves being baked in a creamy sauce and has plenty of curls and twists for tasty morsels of flavours to cling to. Try it with sauteed mushrooms with garlic, chilli and parsley.

LINGUINE - This long slender pasta is a bit like flattened spaghetti! Hailing from Liguria, it’s typically served with either pesto, or seafood-based sauces. We recommend our Linguine with Smoked Fish recipe. It mostly uses pantry staples and you can swap out the smoked fish to tinned fish.

ORECCHIETTE - These ‘little ears’ from Puglia are great at picking up chunky vegetable sauces – try it with garlicky broccoli or with porcini and peas.

SPAGHETTI - A classic that suits a range of dishes, from light to hearty. In summer, try it in a quick sauce of diced fresh tomato sauteed with garlic and basil leaves, or in winter pair it with juicy pork and beef meatballs in a thick red sauce.