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Dr. Feel Good

Dr. Feel Good

There’s nothing Farro loves more than NZ imagined, delicious tasting, local food! Luckily Dr. Feel Good pops cater to all of our requirements here at Farro Fresh.

The idea, born out of trying to inject nutrition into some young fussy eaters that Auckland based founder Craig Jackson happened to live with, quickly turned into a frozen treat that friends and visitors to his home dubbed ‘the best pops they ever tasted’. With his core values that; his pops needed to have no refined sugar; and that the ingredients within the pops had to have ‘food value’, there he had created his guidelines from which to invent, test and come up with astonishing flavour combinations, and not too long later, Dr. Feel Good was born.

Since their market release in the beginning of 2015, Dr. Feel Good has seen a large and ever expanding growth throughout New Zealand. Amazing and tasty handcrafted frozen pops are made from New Zealand organic dairy and have no refined sugar, gluten, preservatives or colouring – but with so much real flavour shining through, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would need to add those things!

Currently holding six ridiculously good flavours in all of our Farro Fresh stores; chocoholic cacao and cream, raspberry, lime and coconut; flat white coffee and cream; salted caramel and apple; lemon, manuka honey and ginger; granny smith, lime and mint, all can be enjoyed without the guilt that ensues from some of our other frozen treat choices. Luckily, these pops are not just for those hot summer months, though they are exceptional then too, but the different flavours and the properties within each, means that these are a great treat, year round.

With the swift popularity and success of their 6 original flavours, Dr Feel Good have decided to give us something more, something with equally as delicious flavour, but with some extra and alternate benefits. We introduce to you – Protein pops! These protein pops have an astounding 20g of protein in each pop, which is the equivalent to 5 egg whites. This makes it super tempting to have one of these for breakfast instead of your omelette – though surely not the intended purpose, temptation is still paramount here.

In four new flavours; banana and cinnamon; Vietnamese iced coffee; chocolate and mint; and vanilla toffee, they really do have an option for all taste preferences. These protein pops are ever as refreshing and delicious as the original pops and still with organic New Zealand dairy and all the natural and untampered ingredients that they are known and respected for. Having sampled all 4 of these new flavours, on a few different occasions – we can safely recommend these new treats as a perfect afternoon treat to keep you full and productive for that little bit longer, or even after an evening gym session, to give you that protein kick to aid muscle growth. Additionally, they are great for that injection of protein to an elderly diet or to children after school, “or whenever”- a tasty and easy to eat healthy treat that is genuinely right for everyone!

Now available through all of Farro Fresh stores, why not pick some up and give them a try. Let us know your opinion, your favourite flavour and when you like to eat them. We hope, so much, that you enjoy them as much as we do!