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Too hot or too tired to cook? Antipasto is the perfect approach to eating when spending time in the kitchen isn’t high on your agenda. Considered a ‘first course’ in traditional Italian meals, antipasto platters are filling and satisfying, can be made ahead, and best of all, can be served cold! There is no hard and fast rule for what goes on an antipasto plate. If you want to make it more substantial serve on a bed of rocket leaves with a loaf of crusty ciabatta or baguette.

The Farro Fresh Deli has a comprehensive range of antipasta ingredients – and if you’re struggling for inspiration chat to any of our deli staff and they can help you find the perfect options.


• Fresh vegetables such as Curious Croppers tomatoes with basil, baby carrots or lightly steamed green beans
• Sliced and BBQ grilled vegetables such as peppers, zucchini, and eggplant
• Anchovies or sardines, or Italian tuna packed in olive oil
• Italian cheeses such as mozzarella – we stock beautiful fresh bocconcini balls made right here is Auckland
• olives – black, green, stuffed or marinated
• marinated mushrooms
• capers
• cured meats such as salami, prosciutto, or coppa
• roasted garlic
• artichoke hearts, either marinated or roasted
• marinated sun-dried tomatoes
• hummus, taramasalata, pesto or tzatziki dips
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil & dukkah

Drizzle the whole thing with some olive oil, and enjoy with a crusty piece of bread and a crisp glass of NZ white wine. Buon appetito!