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Farro is your one-stop shop with new ecobasik chemical-free cleaning products now available.

Ecobasik offer a range of laundry, dishwashing and cleaning products which are all 100% natural, New Zealand Made, not tested on animals, use no palm oil, have no synthetic detergents or fragrance.

The range has been specially formulated to be gentle for both you and the environment.

To ensure the products are safe for your skin, soap and natural minerals and essential oils are the base of their products, you will not find any harsh synthetic detergents in their products.

Because the Ecobasik products are natural you can use them for multiple purposes

Their Liquid dish soap can also be used for many cleaning jobs.

  • Use for washing floors or cars
  • Use for washing pets (ensure you avoid eye contact)
  • Use to pre-soak laundry


Pick up some of their natural cleaning range next time you are in store and help yourselves and the environment.