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Farro Food Hero: 26 Seasons

Farro Food Hero: 26 Seasons

Farro Food Hero: 26 Seasons

Through their ingenious vertical gardens and commitment to sustainability, Matt Keltie and Lucy Matheson are re-defining farming, and re-defining fresh.

An agronomist by trade, Matt started tinkering with indoor growing practices a number of years ago, trying to determine whether a scalable growing system was feasible and, most importantly, sustainable. He joined forces with Lucy, who understood the nutritional power of microgreens, but who’d struggled to find these incredible plants reliably supplied anywhere in New Zealand. ‘The premise from the beginning was, “If we’re going to do it, let’s do what’s right for the product and for the environment,” says Matt. ‘So, we followed the trend to indoor vertical farming.’

After a little trial and error, Matt landed on an immensely sustainable system that guarantees year-round growth without compromising on quality. Seeded grow mats – made with compostable hemp – are set into flooded racks, where a combination of natural air, LED lights, and water helps them flourish. Ninety-five percent of that water is recycled which, paired with the absence of soil and spray, means no erosion, no chemicals, and minimal waste. To top it off, their expansion model is to set up gardens anywhere they see demand, meaning any carbon miles from transportation are greatly reduced. The result is a fortnightly yield of intensely flavourful microgreens that pack up to 100x more nutrients than mature plants. ‘We’re redefining the way we’ve historically done things,’ says Matt. ‘Challenging ourselves to be better than we were yesterday, challenging the way the industry has always worked.’

Caring for your 26 Seasons Microgreens:
Most varieties should last up to a week if properly cared for. Water them once a day from the base tray, avoiding wetting the leaves. Harvest as and when you like, using scissors to cut the stems 1-2cm from the base.

Enjoying your 26 Seasons Microgreens:
Being so fresh and new, these microgreens pack a flavour punch that’s unlike anything you’ve tasted. As for our serving suggestions? As Lucy says, experimenting is half the fun so get creative with smoothies, salads, sandwiches, and more!
Sold by the tray and available in Micro/Salad Mixes, Sandwich Mixes, Smoothie Mixes and single varieties.

Cook's note: perfect for your salads, sandwiches or smoothies!

Find them in their unique grow system racks across Farro Stores.