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Farro Food Hero: Club Ramen

Farro Food Hero: Club Ramen

Club Ramen


When the brains behind Auckland’s coolest Asian street food turn their hands to two-minute noodles, you know something exciting’s in store.

Having successfully launched five Auckland eateries – including hot spots like Kiss Kiss and Chinoiserie – Jasper Maignot and his team have turned their focus to their customers’ kitchens, with the launch of New Zealand’s first fresh instant noodles. Much like their restaurants, Club Ramen is a family affair. The four co-owners include Jasper’s partner, Celeste Thornley, his brother, Ludo Maignot, and the Operations Manager who’s been with them since day one, Louise Chapman. 

With Auckland’s ballooning hospo scene becoming more and more difficult to navigate, the group felt it was time for a change of pace, so they embarked on a venture that let them get back on the tools, while keeping food at the centre of their work. Having proven themselves to be masters of Asian street food, designing a creative, ready-to-cook noodle was a natural path to take. The result is a flavourful collection of fresh ramens that are ready in just two minutes.

‘We’ve all grown up with two-minute noodles,’ says Jasper. ‘We wanted to recreate something just as yummy, without the nasties.’

Getting the three flavours right was a big part of the product’s development, but the team were able to draw on their extensive experience in restaurant kitchens to get the process and the recipe spot on. ‘We put a lot of effort into the broth sachet,’ he says. ‘We really wanted to create something that would be similar to what you’d get in a Japanese restaurant, so that anyone could recreate a mean bowl of ramen at home’.

Although delicious as is, the real beauty of Club Ramen is its versatility. The three flavours can be quickly transformed into a hearty meal with the addition of any toppings you have on hand. Jasper recommends half a boiled egg, sliced spring onion, or a touch of shredded chicken, but says the possibilities are endless.

‘What’s so cool about it is that it works with just about anything,’ he says. ‘If you’re a student, or you’ve just forgotten to do your shopping, you almost always have an onion or a carrot to pop in. And just like that you’ve got a meal.’

Use Your Noodle:
Enjoy Club Ramen’s fresh noodles on their own or get creative with your favourite toppings!

Pork Tonkatsu
Rich, meaty, and full-bodied, this indulgent classic shines with a touch of grilled corn. $7.99/box

Chicken Katsu Curry
A fan-favourite, this soul-warming, mild yellow curry is delicious with shredded chicken. $7.99/box

Miso Ginger
Meat-free and moreish, add your favourite veg for a fresh and healthy winter warmer. $7.99/box

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