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Farro Kitchen

Farro Kitchen

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Behind the scenes at our Orakei store lies the bustling Farro Kitchen, supplying all six Farros with a tasty range of freshly-made meals and snacks. Chef Adam Black credits a love of food, focus on top-quality seasonal ingredients and a dedicated team of foodies as the secret to its success.

For the last three years, Adam Black has been running the Farro Kitchen, heading up the team that started out making a few lunch fixings and now creates, from scratch, an impressive selection of meals, ranging from quiches, sandwiches and salads, to cottage pie, curries and meatballs.

The Farro Kitchen’s runaway success has been the Ready To Go and Ready To Cook meals that you can pick up on your way home, pop them in the oven and, voilà, a freshly-made family favourite. “Our most popular dish is by far and away the meatballs. Although my current favourite is a Farro quiche – so moreish, easy and perfect for a picnic in the park.”

Adam credits the influence of his own mother’s excellent cooking while growing up in Bangor, Northern Ireland, for his appreciation of classics like spaghetti bolognese, and homemade pizza.

“I loved helping my mother in the kitchen and she taught me how to make some of my favourite dishes.”

Adam has never left the kitchen since, working at restaurants while studying, and landing his first role as a chef when he moved to New Zealand at the age of 19.

There is a constant buzz in the Farro Kitchen, aside from the preparation and cooking of meals. There are new recipes to test, fresh food suppliers to meet and the rapid expansion of the menu to keep up with growing customer demand.

“Our number one priority is sourcing high-quality ingredients – it’s key to why our meals taste so good,” says Adam. 

“Three years ago we launched the Farro Kitchen with just a handful of people and now we have over 30 staff split into two shifts. In the morning we make all the salads, sandwiches and savoury bites,” explains Adam. “And then the afternoon team take over and create the Ready To Go and Ready To Cook meals.”

“Life is very busy juggling work and family, so I really appreciate how good it is to be able to pick up a freshly-made meal that boasts great flavour and top-quality ingredients. It gives me huge satisfaction to make meals here in our kitchen so you can enjoy them in yours.”