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Fresh Catch: Farro Seafood Counter

Fresh Catch: Farro Seafood Counter

While most of us are still fast asleep in the wee hours of the morning, fresh, sustainably caught NZ seafood is being loaded off the fishing boats, prepared, filleted, and delivered straight to the Farro Seafood Counter, first thing six days a week.

“We order to daily demand to get the best from the fish, to minimise waste and to ensure we’re only selling the freshest fish,” says Jemma Bowman, Farro’s Chilled Category Manager.

“Our Seafood Counter is supplied by sustainably responsible fishing companies who fish and harvest solely from the coastal waters of New Zealand.”

Each fillet has full traceability back to the boat and location where it was caught, thanks to GPS technology. Traceability ensures that quotas are strictly followed and that any catch can be traced back through the supply chain.

You’ll find a whole range of fresh seafood on offer at Farro, from crustaceans to mussels to fresh fish, smoked salmon and packaged products including pies, patés and prawns.