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Feast Through the Years - Recipes from the Farro Archive!

Feast Through the Years - Recipes from the Farro Archive!

15 Years of Farro means 15 years of eat-spiration! We've alway wanted Farro to be your go-to spot for delicious discoveries, tempting recipes, and inspiring ideas. 

Our eating guides have been in-store fore more than a decade and, while the cover has had a few makeovers, the deliciousness inside has stood the test of time! This collection of our favourite cover stars lets you take a tasty trip down memory lane, with tried and tested dishes from the Farro archives. 

Pancetta, Gorgonzola & Parmesan Risotto 

Created by Brendon Rutledge-Malyon & Lorenzo Pollara-Milazzo at Prodotti, this wonderful, rich risotto dish is very popular in the winter. One of our favourite Italian suppliers to Farro, Prodotti d'Italia has been delighting our palates with the best Italian cheeses, cured meats and dried goods for the last 15 years.

Pomegranate Roast Chicken 

In this deliciously easy roast, sticky pomegranate molasses lends a fruity tang and deep, attractive colour to the chicken and vegetables as they roast. It's a snap to prepare, but makes a wonderful centrepiece for dinner with friends, or a family Sunday roast. We recommend Bostock's Organic Free Range Chicken. 

Moroccan Lamb Wraps 

A colourful crowd-pleaser, these quick wraps use Farro Kitchen's Moroccan Butterflied Lamb for an easy flavour injection. Filled with fragrant spices, the amazing aroma of our pre-marinated lamb will draw a crowd to the table before you’ve even called them! Simply add quality flatbreads and some fresh fillings for dinner in a flash. 

Mexican Spiced Salmon

In this tasty weeknight winner, La Morena's chipotle in adobo sauce brings a delicious, smoky heat to the salmon marinade. The vibrant potato and avocado salad brightens up the dish, which is flavourfully finished with a dollop of adobo-spiked crème fraîche.