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Fontal Cheese

Fontal Cheese

Fontal cheese

Piedmont, Lombardy and Trentino, Northern Italy.

Fontal is a semi-hard cheese made with cow’s milk.

Tasting Notes
Fontal has a sweet nutty flavour, with slight hints of milk and a tangy aftertaste. It is made with cow’s milk and has an average maturation of around 30-60 days. Fontal wheels have a smooth, elastic and thin rind and the pate is compact, soft white or pale yellow in colour. 

Serving Tips
Fontal is an excellent table cheese served with ciabatta bread and accompanied by blueberry or orange jams, or fresh green grapes.
It is particularly delicious paired with honey. It also goes well with low alcohol white wines or light beers. Fontal is a versatile cheese to use in cooking – it can be melted in the oven, useful in gratin dishes or staples like macaroni cheese. 

About the cheese
Fontal is a semi-hard cheese first produced in 1955 in northern Italy, in particular in the Piedmont, Lombardy and Trentino regions. Its name derives from the contraction between Fontina and Emmental, from which it clearly derives some of its characteristics. Fontal is often confused with fontina, but fontal does not have a protected designation of origin. The careful processing and ripening give it a harmonious buttery milk aroma with a delicate spicy fragrance.