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Freedom Farms have had a long association with Farro Fresh and we are always proud to be able to offer their SPCA approved pork on our shelves. Pig welfare certainly has been in the news a lot so our associations with producers of integrity are really important to us as a business. We can confidently back their production and be really sure that they do as they say they do.

Freedom Farms have long worked with Farro Fresh. We feel we share some very basic philosophies about the way we eat and what is important about food. We’ve shared ideas and food on many occasions and thus we feel we appreciate one another for the value we both have. But who are Freedom Farms?

Freedom tell us they are not farmers… in fact they don’t even own their own gumboots. But they are people, like us all here at Farro Fresh, who believe consumers can make a difference and feel we can all do a better job when it comes to looking after our environment and our farm animals. They also believe in total traceability and are prepared to pay a little more to be sure we only get the best quality when it comes to food. They like to think of themselves as “DEMANDING” consumers and we like that title!

Before they started Freedom Farms there was indeed a gap in the market for cruelty-free bacon out there and they have certainly been at the forefront to change that. Freedom Farms and Farro believe that farming worldwide has become way too intensive and that what we eat can often live very sad lives indeed. Freedom Farms have worked to allow those who can to have a choice buying voting with their weekly shopping and we share the same philosophy as Freedom Farms that we can change how animals are farmed by asking the ‘hard questions’ and then only buying food we feel right about.

We have a number of great conscious producers as part of the Farro Fresh family and we are proud that we can offer that choice for you to make. If you are ever unsure of what or where anything comes from just ask and we can let you know the whole story.