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Frenz: Eggs with Mussel Power

Frenz: Eggs with Mussel Power

As a part of our commitment to sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment Farro only stock free range eggs that come from the happiest hens. Our ‘Frenz’ at Frenz Eggs are one of our stockists, with 35 years of free-range farming experience Frenz Eggs are helping us on our journey towards creating a better environment for our planet.    

The hens at Frenz Eggs are well looked after with modern sheds to protect them from the elements and the ability to come and go out of their sheds as they please twenty-four hours a day, they are never locked inside!

Mussel farming is one of New Zealand’s largest export industries, in 2012 New Zealand mussel farmers exported 34 000 tonnes of green-lipped mussels, worth a total of $190 million, but with this comes a lot of mussel waste which is being dumped into our oceans or left to decay in land fill. In a recent innovative Frenz recognised this waste and developed a way to help the environment and their hens.

Frenz developed a new and natural feed, by using the mussel waste collected from these mussel farms. The mussel waste includes mussels that are too big or too small, broken or covered in barnacles, any accompanying seaweed, along with the resident crabs that live in each mussel, all containing numerous individual health benefits. The mussel waste is carefully dried to maintain all the natural health benefits and then turned into a valuable feed ingredient which Frenz add to their hens feed to enhance their health and produce nutrient enriched eggs.      

This means that not only do the hens at Frenz use their unlimited access to their pastures to forage for bugs and worms to increase Omegas in each egg they produce, but by adding the natural benefits of dried the Green Lipped mussels the Omega-3 content is increased significantly, producing eggs like no other. Initial testing by scientists at Callaghan Innovation has shown that the mussel feed has increased levels of Omega-3 – EPA+DHA by 162mg per 100g in eggs from hens receiving feed with dried mussel, compared to 110mg per 100g in FRENZ normal pasture fed eggs and 77mg per 100g in standard free range eggs.

The Omega-3 (EPA+DHA) supports healthy infant development, aids brain health and function, and fights inflammation and unlike hens, our bodies aren’t good at converting the Omega-3 (ALA) we get from plant-based foods into the Omega-3 (EPA+DHA) that we need, meaning we have to find other sources in our daily diet. Oily fish and dietary supplements are two of the most commonly recognised sources for obtaining Omega-3 (EPA+DHA) but natural high-quality eggs – like FRENZ Eggs – are a natural and affordable source of Omega-3.