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Fresh Cheese: ViaVio Stracchino

Fresh Cheese: ViaVio Stracchino

While mozzarella takes all the glory, this lesser-known Italian classic shouldn’t be overlooked. Stracchino is a great spreadable cheese to put on crackers and grilled bread topped with fresh tomato, basil and a splash of olive oil. It’s also delicious added to salads or on top of your favourite pizza! The beauty is, this is made right here in NZ in Nelson by ViaVio dairy with local A2 cow’s milk.

ViaVio Stracchino Fresh Cheese from Washington Valley, Nelson NZ is a fresh Italian style cheese made from pasteurised A2 cow's milk.

This has a soft and creamy texture with a mild and delicate flavour. It is a little sour - a mix between cheese and yoghurt in flavour.

Founders of ViaVio Cheese, Italians Flavia Spena and Flavio Donati, share a passion for cheese… and rugby! They moved to NZ to start a new life and ended up making Italian cheese in the heart of sunny Nelson!

Find it in our Deli $14.99 /200g