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From the caves of Italy: Taleggio D.O.P 230g

From the caves of Italy: Taleggio D.O.P 230g

Taleggio D.O.P 230g

Originates from the caves of Italy’s Val Taleggio (the Taleggio Valley)

Washed-rind soft cow’s milk cheese.

Tasting Notes:
Taleggio D.O.P 230g cheese has a deep nutty flavour with a hint of salt.

Serving Tips:
This cheese is great in salads, delicious for the summer weather, and is also perfect for melting. Pairs well with robust red wines and fruit.

About the cheese:
Taleggio D.O.P (Denominazione d’Origine Protetta - Protected Designation of Origin), is a very highly regarded cheese of Italy. Taleggio is possibly one of the oldest soft cheese varieties on the planet originating from the caves of Italy’s Val Taleggio, tracing back to Roman times. Taleggio arises from the need to conserve milk that exceeds direct consumption, the production and maturing are done in Lombardy, Italy and the breaking of the curd is done by hand as tradition dictates. Dry salting takes place the next day and consists of salting all six faces of the cheese, with the aim of forming a crust capable of retaining all the flavours. The seasoning requires the forms of taleggio to be arranged on wooden boards so that, thanks to the particular environmental conditions, they reach their natural ripeness – during this process the cheese is turned and brushed, favouring a uniform and mold-filled maturation.