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Summertime and feta go so well together and we can’t help but think of its origins on the sunny isles of Greece at this time of year.

Found all over the Mediterranean, the crumbly, mixed-milk, salty cheese appears in many classic dishes and was made a protected cheese in 2002 by the European Union. Now only those cheeses produced in a traditional way, in particular areas of Greece, and which are made from sheep’s milk, or from a mixture of sheep’s and up to 30 percent of goat’s milk from the same area, can be called “feta”. You can now find feta made from cow and buffalo milk too. All feta has a large amount of added salt as it acts as a preservative, so you can expect a salty taste no matter what.

We find that everyone has very different preferences when it comes to feta – some prefer that wonderful creamy feta that is mildly salty, while others are after that more salty and crumbly classic version for their summertime Greek salads. Whatever your choice, we’ve got it for you.

For mild but creamy feta that will work in salads as well as for cooking, we love the Farm Valley Buffalo Feta. That luxurious buffalo milk is super-creamy and makes a delicious cheese!

For something with a bit more body, try Blue River’s vintage Sheep’s Milk Feta. We really enjoy the intensity of this feta, which is ideal on a cheese board paired with other robust flavours. It is salty, super-flavoursome and has a nice firm texture.

Ziria is our true classic Greek-produced feta and has the POD emblem on it, designating it as the real thing. Made with sheep’s and goat’s milk, it is firm and salty.

If you are looking for less salty feta, try a creamy version such as Zany Zeus Creamy Feta. It has the least salt of all our range available in store.