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Halloumi is our From the Fromagerie highlight this month. The national cheese of Cyprus halloumi has a wonderful tradition of being made in the region as a cheese staple. Halloumi achieves it squeaky and dense texture due to literally being kneaded in the making process which helps push out the excess whey from the curd and creates what we know and love. Halloumi is never eaten raw-always cooked and we recommend a good non stick fry pan or even better a toasted sandwich press to do so. Gently brown on each side and serve traditionally with freshly squeezed lemon juice and capers scattered over the top and plenty of black pepper.

The saltiness of halloumi is important to act as a preservative. If you find your favourite halloumi can be a touch salty, simply soak in several changes of fresh cold water for up to 2 hours prior to slicing and frying.

Mint is also a traditional addition to halloumi and you will find it tucked in between the layers where the kneaded curd has been folded over. If you are lucky enough to either make your own (well done!!) or have sampled freshly made halloumi with fresh mint it is rather special so give it a try.

At Farro we stock several halloumis all with their own characteristics and taste. Some are a bit firmer than others and some a bit saltier and we find that our regular halloumi buyers certainly have their favourite. Traditionally made using mixed milk from goats, cows and sheep, the taste can be greatly altered due to that as well as seasonally due to milk production. Most now are single milk halloumi so don’t quite have that complexity of flavour about them that the mixed milk can bring. Ask our deli team for which is there favourite if you are unsure or what to try a new variety.