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Different varieties of rice were all originally domesticated on the Pearl River in China. Travelling from China through Asia and into Europe through Western Asia and finally into the Americas through European civilization. While the Spaniards were seeking new worlds and discovering some of the most important flavours of the world we know they were also introducing rice to Mexico. Imagine the store of the boats returning back to Spain packed full of rather unusual flavours-tomatoes, potatoes, chillies and cocoa. Along with the incredible spices they had already found along the way its no wonder that they were perceived as worth more than gold!

The processing of the grain is what we are interested in and what that means for us –white versus brown. Brown rice we all know is better for us. This is due simply to the fact that the grain is less processed and more of the good stuff is still there. Like most things that are processed in food, the less natural stuff is left. So while you may love that white fluffy rice, brown is simply better for you.  Some rice strains are simply better for you too and are processed easier. Red and black rices offer higher health benefits than white and certainly brown , red and black varieties offer more fibre.

If you find that can be a bit of a chore, try some red rice mixed with a small amount of brown rice cooked with your white rice. This simple process ups the fibre content and makes for a colourful mix.

Sprouted rice or GABA rice is an interesting addition to our shelves at Farro Fresh and is more well known in Korea and Japan for its high nutrional value .Soaking the rice in warm water for up to 20 hours and changing the water several times creates a rice that starts to sprout and is more easily processed but the body and has more health benefits. If you think thought that waiting around for 20 hours for your rice to sprout is a little extreme then you can take advantage of the Planet Rice sprouted rice on the rice shelf instead. Already done for you their lightly milled brown or standard brown rice is California grown rice that has been soaked for you so all you need to do is cook it. 30mins of cooking and you will have perfect rice with more goodness than usual.