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Get the Scoop! Our fav 5 ice cream flavours

Get the Scoop! Our fav 5 ice cream flavours

Summer is here and what better way to treat yourself than a big scoop of ice cream. There are all sorts of fab flavours happening in the world of ice cream right now and with our top-quality dairy and luscious fruit produce, we are lucky to have some of the best frozen treats right here in NZ. Here are Farro’s fav 5 ice creams to melt over.

1. Duck Island Strawberry Coconut & Kaffir Lime
Vegan ice cream made with coconut milk, $11.99 472ml, SHOP NOW.
Fresh As freeze-dried mango, $3.49/10g, SHOP NOW.
Duck Island vegan Ice Cream Strawberry Coconut Lime Leaf 472ml Fresh As freeze dried Mango pieces 10g 

2. Kowhai Creamery Ginger & Turmeric
A creamy base with a sweet ginger bite and subtle spice, $13.99 470ml, SHOP NOW.
Kowhai Ginger and Turmeric Gelato 

3. Little Island Toasted Coconut Caramel & Cookies
Toasted coconut threads, vanilla cookie chunks and caramel praline pieces scattered through dairy-free coconut ice cream, $13.49/450ml, SHOP NOW.
Farro Salted Caramel Sauce, $7.99/250ml, SHOP NOW.
Little Island Coconut Creamery Toasted Coconut Caramel and Cookies Ice Cream 650ml Farro Gooey Salted Caramel Sauce 250ml 

4. Kowhai Creamery Velluto Blueberry
Whole organic blueberries churned with Jersey milk, $13.99 470ml, SHOP NOW.
Fresh As Whole Raspberries, $10.50/35g, SHOP NOW.
Kowhai Creamery Velluto Blueberry Gelato 470ml Fresh As freeze dried Raspberry Whole 10g 

5. Wooden Spoon Plum Plum
100% vegan oat milk plum ice cream with a jammy, plummy swirl, $12.49 500ml, SHOP NOW.
Kokonati Coconut Chips, $5.49/200g, SHOP NOW.
Wooden Spoon Plum Plum non dairy oat milk ice cream 500ml Kokonati Organic Coconut Flakes 200g 02 

Dr. Feelgood Frozen Pops
Ice blocks are the stars of our childhood summers, eliciting memories of visits to the dairy, beach treats and hot, humid weather. We love Dr. Feelgood’s Frozen Pops for their fab retro styling and downright delicious flavours! We highly recommend ripping into a home compostable box of these this summer. Available in Banoffee, JellyTop Passionfruit & White Chocolate, and Chocoholic. $12.99/4pk, SHOP NOW.
Dr Feelgood Ice Pops