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Giusti Miniature Balsamics have been a fantastic new addition to Farro giving you the change to buy a small amount of quality balsamic in one go.

These wee bottles are perfect for those who don’t use a lot of balsamic but treasure that quality taste that Giusti provide. Giuseppe Giusti are the oldest producer of balsamic in Modena, Italy dating back over four centuries. A true family owned and run business, the present heads are the 17th generation of their family to bring balsamic to the people. With over 700 aged barrels containing very old balsamic they use a touch of this as the mother vinegar in all new barrel batches to give bold flavour and the right initial taste to every bottle that is produced.

Balsamic is made using two well-known grapes grown in the region of Modena -Lambrusco and Trebbiano.

The ‘Silver Medal’ Il Profumato is aged in French oak, it has a good persistent body and aroma with pronounced sweetness on the nose but not in the mouth. Musty and not as intense with approximately 6 years of age.  A great everyday balsamic to have on hand.
‘White Label’ Il Classico has less direct sweetness with more mature fruit tones along with liquorice and black pepper. Aged in oak for 8 years.  More maturity certainly gives more flavour and we are happy to have this as an everyday rich balsamic with just that much more body and taste than a cheaper version.
The ‘Red label’ Ricardo dates back only to 1980’s but it has amazing viscosity, burnt caramel tones , bright sweet fruit jam, hints of vanilla and wood . Made from sundried and cooked must of grapes and mixed with in-house barrel aged balsamic. Aged for approximately 12 years.  We think this is a star on ice-cream and over fresh fruits but why not be crazy and try some drizzled over a slice of Pierre Robert –a beautiful triple cream French cheese! Finish off grilled meats with a wee drizzle too.

They won’t break the bank and therefore we decided to get one of each!