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We now stock Greencane toilet paper and paper towels. No inks, no added fragrance and 100% fast biodegradable. Located next to our detergents and home cleaning products – Farro is now your one stop shop!

From the kitchen, to the bathroom the paper we choose makes a tremendous difference to our environment.

Greencane is made from plantation grown bamboo and recycled sugarcane waste. Then a small amount of certified wood pulp is added to ensure strength & softness. The products are soft and white, extra long and most importantly gentle on the environment.

All Greencane products contain no inks, fragrances and are GMO-free. Greencane packaging uses no plastic, it is made to world standard eco accreditation and is 100% compostable.

Director Geoff Arden from Greencane explains his inspiration: “Given sugarcane and bamboo only takes one  year to grow is has always been a no brainer for me on true sustainability” Geoff Arden

The harvesting of sugarcane has a very low environmental impact compared with the harvesting destruction of softwood forests, resulting in the high impact to bird, animal and insect life plus extensive land scaring and erosion.

Try out Greencane next time your in-store and help do your part for a sustainable future.