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Known as a real family spot, the Hallertau Brewery sees many a pint being downed on a summer’s afternoon by Aucklanders, from all over, who take the drive out to sample Hallertau’s craft beer and grab a bite.

Steve and Hayley Plowman have worked hard to create a venue that is so much about family, because their actual and work families make Hallertau what it is. Now, with craft beer having such an amazingly wide appeal, Hallertau has made a great
place for itself both out west as well as on the shelves at Farro Fresh.

The iconic 1, 2, 3 and 4 beers were all about taking traditions and turning them on them on their ear.

Steve and Hayley think of Hallertau almost as their living room … “a place that brings people together” and they add: “along with the carefully selected combination of the finest hops, malt, yeast and water, it’s ideas and stories that are all heaved into the mash tun, and you can taste this liveliness in the beer.”
What a great thing, to think of all those great stories making up the taste profile of their beers! Focusing on simple traditional processes,
Steve uses only yeast, rainwater and fistfuls of hops to create his well-known brews. He believes it’s about subtle differences and combinations. The first four beers started life simply as numbers before Hallertau asked friends and regulars to taste and give them names, and so while they do all have their own names reflecting their unique personalities, the numbers just stuck. But the wonderfully exciting thing has been some of the experiments that Steve has undertaken – the heroic range,
which they admit is totally unprofitable; the two deliciously good sour beers, which are not at all what most people expect but are a true drinking wonder; and the beautiful seasonal range, where every bottle is hand turned using an ancient Japanese Shino glazing technique that means no two bottles are

the same. You could say that they are having a lot of fun investigating, playing and tasting at Hallertau in order to create some very special beers.

Join us this November in celebrating Hallertau as a truly innovative and exciting artisan producer.

“We make our beer with our hands and use only yeast, rainwater and fistfuls of hops. It’s all about subtle differences in varieties and combinations.”