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The Homegrown Juice Company we felt was such a great fit for this month’s theme of ‘Lean and Clean’.

The Homegrown Juice Company originates from when the Brownlie family first planted their orange orchard in Hawkes Bay back in 1969 – that’s a good long time ago to have learnt a thing or two about growing citrus.

Today they have a total of 120 hectares of orchards in Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay and their goal is nice and simple – to make the best tasting, healthiest juices and smoothies possible in New Zealand. This means that those years spent learning to grow deliciously good citrus is central to the who they are as a business. What makes The Homegrown Juice Company so unique is their move to offer cold pasteurized juice in place of the usual pasteurization processes.

They feel that pasteurizing orange juice burns the natural fresh flavours and lowers the nutritional value of the juice, so they cold-pasteurize to maintain natural taste and the nutritional goodness. Raw juice is put under extreme pressure to deactivate naturally occurring bacteria, yeast and moulds with miniscule changes to the Vitamins Minerals and Flavour. Almost all other juices in NZ are pasteurised using heat, this impacts on the Vitamins, Minerals and Flavour.

Homegrown Juiced Company have created a new benchmark in the New Zealand juice market with this technique and besides that we think it tastes amazing!

Most orange juices in NZ are made from imported orange juice, some are even bottled overseas and this goes against their philosophy. Homegrown Juice Company believe you can’t make great tasting nutritious juice when it has been shipped halfway around the world. In 2002 they made the decision to increase their plantings to 120 hectares, which are all grown just for their delicious raw juice, and means a year round supply picked at their optimum.